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Marche the new Tuscany Tour

2,700.00$ 8 days
Combine Tuscan-type countryside, stunning beaches like those of the south, exquisite food varieties, elegant historical architecture and art that is widely unknown to foreign visitors,...
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Land of Prosecco and Italian Romance

2,900.00$ 8 days
Allow Italy to romance you. This tour will take you to one of the most enchanting areas of the world. Visit the Veneto region, renowned...
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Campania, Lazio, Tuscany

In the Footsteps of the Medici 

3,100.00$ 10 days
There is no talking about the Renaissance and Reformation without the mentioning of the Medici. Enjoy the thrilling tales of this prominent family and time...
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The Sensational Soul of Tuscany

2,800.00$ 8 days
Explore the real heart of Tuscany; the most natural area of this region will be exposed to you in all its grandeur. Medieval hilltop towns,...
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Tuscany on the Coast

2,300.00$ 7 days
Beaches, Art, history and fabulous food is waiting for you. Enjoy Tuscany, Italy’s most famous region for its beauty and charm, but as the locals...
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Christmas in Tuscany

2,300.00$ 8 days
Visit Tuscany in the most “sparkling” time of the year. Discover the magic that Christmas brings into this already dreamy place and come to know...
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Sicily the Magna Grecia

3,400.00$ 10 days
Discover one of the most beautiful islands in the world for its natural wonders and without a doubt one of the most complex, vibrant mixes...
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Puglia the Pearl of Mediterranean Sea

3,500.00$ 10 days
Fall in love with the white sandy beaches, fairytale towns, the centuries-old olive tree fields, and the mouth-watering food of this region. Puglia certainly is...
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Sardinia: Mediterranean Paradise Awaits

3,200.00$ 8 days
Natural beauty is the real protagonist of this Mediterranean island. Orientation: relax ~ nature ~ food ~ history Price starting from 3200 $ for groups...
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Combine your input with our expertise for an uncompromised adventure of a lifetime. More than just an exclusive tour, your travel experience will be custom designed to create an itinerary unique to your needs and wants. Our experts do the work they intimately know and love in bringing your desires to life. We will oversee every aspect and escort you along the way of your serendipitous journey. Your adventure and Alma Tours are waiting for you!


Book the experience that will add that unique touch to your vacation. Surprise your loved ones with a most memorable gift. Celebrate your special occasion with a personalized, unforgettable experience.

Italy from the Sky

4 - 8 hours
Discover Italy from above! Come fly away with us and get a bird's eye view of the bel paese! Si, signori, we can welcome you...
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Wine Tasting and Cooking Show in Tuscany

250.00$ 5 - 6 hours
Enjoy Tuscan food and wine! Two pillars of the Tuscan culture merge for a sensational day to be indulged in. Visit a medieval castle and...
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Why Travel with us

To experience the real, the raw, the philosophy that is Italian life. It is our goal to immerse you in authentic stories and rhythms of this land, so it also becomes a part of you.
We are locals. We collaborate with other locals for the most authentic and culturally sustainable experiences
Your individual needs are important to us. So are your dreams! We’ll go beyond what you imagined in planning your perfect vacation because our expertise will connect you to Italy on a deeper level that will make you not want to leave!
We constantly research and join with the best people and places to bring you the most genuine, ultimate offers
We do what we do because it’s what we love to do every day!

I had a wonderful time touring the Tuscany area with Alessio, he was very accommodating to a group full of ladies, always made sure we were having the best time and were able to visit the best places from the best places to buy a leather bag to the BEST gelato. He showed us the true beauty of Italy and helped each one of of us have a life changing experience. He truly enjoys seeing people in awe of Italy and will do anything to help you have a the most spectacular experience. I can’t wait to come back in the future!
Shannon C. - USA 
Shannon C. - USA
For a truly unique Italian experience, I highly recommend a guided tour with Alessio Mazza, curator, tastemaker and Florentine aficionado. Alessio offers custom-tailored itineraries with an emphasis on food, wine and culture, and the ability to adapt each tour to fit the needs and curiosities of his guests. A captivating guide with a true passion and understanding for mindful traveling, Alessio invites you to see Italy with incredible authenticity. As an expert designer and community advocate, Alessio partners with local purveyors and experiences to create an unforgettable trip with an emphas... continue
Portia S. 
Portia S.
My first trip to Italy was beyond my expectations. Alessio is knowledgeable, accommodating, and his love for his country is apparent in how he guides guests through each exquisite destination.  Alessio thoughtfully coordinates and plans out each day and is respectful of the guests requests for adjustments to the agenda or rest time to truly take in the beauty of Italy.  There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t long to return to Italy and breathe in that Tuscan air, sip on the rich olive oils and bright wines, and watch the sun rise and fall through the hills.  I highly recom... continue
Melody T. - USA 
Melody T. - USA
Debbie and I spent the most wonderful week in Italy.We spent the week exploring and enjoying Florence and other parts of Tuscany, accompanied by the most wonderful, Alessio Mazza. So many wonderful restaurants, beautiful countryside towns, delicious coffee and treats, lovely walking on ancient streets, forts and castles, seaside towns with beautiful blue water, hot springs, and olive groves.
Phil and Debbie – USA 
Phil and Debbie – USA
Wow, we’ve had an amazing time exploring Florence, Italy. we traveled beyond Tuscany to visit Cinque Terre. But we really could not have done any of this without our guide extraordinare, Alessio Mazza.
Phil O. – USA 
Phil O. – USA
Bravissimo!!!  That’s what I would say about Alessio and his passion for Italy.  He was our tour guide this past summer and made the whole Italian experience unforgettable.  (I can’t wait to come back.)  His relationships with the locals and knowledge of those hidden gems made for a unique trip that a large tour company could never provide.  Any hiccups that arose (and they always do) he was on it and went above and beyond what was expected.  I look forward to coming back to Italy and experiencing more of the truly beautiful country thanks to Alessio.  Ciao!
Shannon S. – Seattle USA 
Shannon S. – Seattle USA